About us

After the war, the Confederation Congress briefly met in Trenton in November and December 1784.

Who we are

Petrochemical Group U.S.A. INC. and its international trademark TRENTON 5, offers a full line of Automotive, Fleet, Industrial, and Specialty lubricants,  TRENTON 5 quickly developed a reputation for high-quality, well-engineered petroleum products. Through the years, TRENTON 5 has continued to innovate with synthetic oils, high-TBN fleet lubricants, specialty industrial oils, and a technical services department and on-site laboratory that ensure only the highest-quality products. TRENTON 5 has the main production facility in Miami, FL boasts some of the fastest and most sophisticated filling lines and packaging equipment available.

TRENTON 5, packages over 1250 different products in sizes ranging from 8-ounce plastic bottles through bulk transports. We ship products to every State in America to Latin America and Caribbean countries. In addition to our flagship TRENTON 5 line, we blend and package private label products for many of the most technically demanding customers including many international oil companies,  automotive retailers, programmed distribution groups, food and drug retailers, and mass merchandisers.

Our story

TRENTON 5,s story doesn’t end with quality products at competitive prices today. We are always looking forward and crafting the TRENTON 5 brand of tomorrow—how can we better meet our customer needs, and how to deliver a better product to you.

With all of the mergers and consolidations in the lubricant industry, TRENTON 5 is one of the few brands that still has a distinguished future. TRENTON 5will continue to grow and serve its  customers. TRENTON 5 will continue to be responsive to customer needs as well as new industry specifications. And most importantly, TRENTON 5 is committed to environmental solutions and energy conservation methods.

Our team

Pedro León
Commercial Director
+ 503 7008.6547

Valentina Brandonisio
+ 1 754.302.4253

Lisette Vergara
Administration & Finances
C + 1 786.486.9065

Leonardo Brito
+ 1 786.439.7343

Jesús Flores
Warehouse Chief
C + 1 786.365.1738

Rossybell Aguilar
IT Specialist
C + 1 786.295.2707