About us

After the war, the Confederation Congress briefly met in Trenton in November and December 1784.

Who we are

TRENTON 5™ is an international trademark of PETROCHEMICAL GROUP USA INC. It has a full line of lubricants for light cars, heavy cars, industrial and off-road machinery. It offers synthetic oils, lubricants for fleets with a high TBN content, special industrial oils, hydraulic fluids, always guaranteeing the high quality of its products. 

Its production plant, with fast filling lines and packaging equipment, is located in Miami, FL, United States of America.  

Our story

The TRENTON 5™ history encompasses quality products at today’s competitive prices. We are always looking ahead and crafting the TRENTON 5™ brand of tomorrow, researching and seeking solutions to better meet our customers’ needs to deliver a better product. Most importantly, TRENTON 5™ is committed to the environment by utilizing energy conservation methods.